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How Long Have They Been Around?

Background Checklist: - How long have they been around? - Are they registered? - How long have they been in the intranet/extranet domain? - Even if the software is new, do they have experience developing related solutions like CMS, Document Management, etc.?Company background is essential because the IT industry has dynamics unlike “. Software companies are often small, have a short average lifespan, and could even be based in other countries. Since these companies will be handling your sensitive business data, one needs to be doubly sure. ” is still playing catch-up with software and one certainly doesn’t want to be caught in a legal wrangle!

One can safely assume that past record is a good indicator of future performance. Therefore, before even considering the solution itself, it is a must to spend some time researching the “. Even if a company has just forayed into the intranet/extranet domain, related experience and a good overall record may justify giving them a shot.

What is Their Niche?

Are they experienced in serving the small-to-mid-sized business segment?A very important factor about the company’s history is the ” it has experience in serving. Does the company know ” well enough to know your needs? If you are a small to mid sized business, it is unlikely a company serving the Fortune 500 will offer you the best solution. If you work from home, it is unlikely a solution serving large offices will meet your needs.

The Ultimate Testament – The Customer

The ultimate judge of any solution is its users. Look out for customer comments and case studies. It may entail looking at the site to see if they include a client’s list or page. A list that is extensive & includes recognizable names is usually a good sign. Customer ” on the site are a good indicator, and one could also take the initiative of getting in touch with some customers personally & getting a low down.


There are certain things that a buyer should be wary of. Because of the lower entry and exit costs, software startups are known to have shorter live spans than traditional companies. Lots of these companies are known to ride high on the success wave when the industry is doing well and go “pop” when the industry bubble bursts. This was well exemplified by the .com bubble burst of 2000.

It is debatable whether the current spate of “”” companies also ” which will inevitably burst, but it makes sense that the buyer be wary and bet their money on companies with proven track records.

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