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Many people have an unreasonable fear of going to see the dentist, probably largely as a result of their childhood experiences. When we go to the dentist’s as a child, the whole experience is new and frightening, which may leave traumatic memories. Later negative experiences may also play a part in making the dentist’s surgery a less inviting place than perhaps it should be.

Getting fillings done is actually not something which should leave you frightened and anxious. The real key to the procedure though is the skill of the dentist. While that may sound obvious, what scares most people is actually having the injection of local anaesthetic into their gums prior to the procedure. In many cases, this can be very painful indeed.

However, what is not as widely known is that if this is painful, then it is down to the dentist’s ability to carry out the injection. If an injection is painful, then you need to tell your dentist, and if the situation persists, find another practitioner such as “. An injection can be applied almost painlessly using empathetic and sensitive techniques.

Once the injection is out of the way, the experience should be made as manageable as possible by the dentist. Two things will often happen to this end when you are having fillings. Firstly, a rubber dam may be placed around the tooth which is being worked on to keep the mouth and the rest of your teeth dry, while the filling is being fitted. A rubber ‘bit block’ may also be used, in order to make it easier for you to keep your mouth open for the period of the operation. Both of these objects should make you feel much more comfortable.

The dentist will use high powered water drills and small metal tools to clear away tooth decay prior to the filling being completed. Again, this process should be sensitively handled, and while there may be some short term discomfort, there should be no pain, thanks to the anaesthetic. The nurse will also have several devices which will keep your mouth comfortable and free from excess moisture and air while the operation is being carried out.

Overall, having fillings is a routine operation which should not leave you traumatised. If you approach it assertively and confidently, letting your dentist know how you feel at every stage of the process, then you will be fine.

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