Male Enhancing Medications for Females

Male Enhancing Medications for Females?

Males across the globe are finding that Viagra is an enhancing medication aiding in their ability to get an erection, and to have sexual relations. Viagra is a medication that boosts the male confidence in their selves, in their abilities and can be used by men who are in general good health other wise.

Viagra does give men some type of ability to want more sexual relations because they now have this ability where they were not able before. Women who are not wanting sexual relations are looking to medications such as Viagra to increase their ‘want’ for sex and intimate relationships, but the real answer is not just in taking the pill.

Women who are using and taking the male sexual enhancing medication Viagra are realizing that the increase in blood flow does not balance their needs for increasing sexual desire. There are a number of large drug manufacturers that are working on a treatment for women and their needs for increasing their sexual desires and abilities but yet there are no companies who are making great strides in their research to find the women’s sexual aid medication but none are approved by the FDA at this time.

What the are percentages that drug manufacturers are looking at? There are roughly forty percent of women who suffer from some type of sexual problem and this include a huge majority of women who really don’t have a desire to have sexual relations. If a woman doesn’t have the desire or the need to have sexual relations they are said to be suffering from a problem with their libido, which is an internal feeling or want.

There is another amount of the forty percent of women suffering from sexual problems who feel they are not achieving an orgasm; they are not feeling the true overall feelings of heightened sexual awareness. As manufacturers are finding out, these types of sexual problems are very different from the male problems in not being able to get an erection.

The use of Viagra serves to focus on the blood flow problem that in general males have when they are not able to have an erection. Viagra does not change how they feel, or their real ability to perform with an erection. Focusing on changing the feelings of a woman to want sexual relations or in how they are feeling during sexual relations is a much more challenging situation for drug companies.

Viagra does seem to help some women in their needs to overcome how they feel during and before sexual relations. Viagra for the most part is not helping the overwhelming numbers of women who find they have a need for a sexual aid. Often times the best treatment for women who are suffering from these feelings are found to be an antidepressant and these types of medications change how a person feels.

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