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Only if we could live in a world where animal barbarity did not exist. Seeing stray dogs suffering on the streets is enough to ruin my day. But, there are good people on this planet that will do something to rescue our animal friends and give them a second chance.

Such is the case for this unlucky dog who walked the streets alone, seeking for food. In the photos of this article you will see that she is suffering from serious skin problems. Because of her appearance most people ignored her. Finally, one day someone was able to look beyond her look and see the beautiful dog…See how Kelsey’s life is changed forever !

One day she was walking down the road with marks all over her skin.

This sickly looking dog had lost most of her fur.

One day, a soul who recognized the pain of the dog invited her to the car.

They take her to the vet and her recovery began…

The people who rescued her, named her Kelsey. Kelsey’s life started to change.

She found happiness and started to smile.

Kelsey was starting over and making new friends.

Her fur grew back and she started to gain some weight.

 Kelsey is now living a beautiful life with her new parents.

At the picture in the end you can see what kindness, love and compassion make to an animal’s life.

Can you believe this is what she looks like now?  What a wonderful story! It goes to show how much of a difference our love and compassion can make in an animal’s life!

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