Psychosynthesis, sometimes called the “psychology of the
soul” was developed by an Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli, early in the 20th century. Psychosynthesis is a comprehensive approach to psychological health and well being founded on the basic premise that human life has
purpose and meaning, and that we participate in an orderly universe structured to facilitate the evolution of consciousness. A corollary is that each person’s life has purpose and meaning within this broader context and that it is
possible for the individual to discover this. Its inclusive framework of principles and techniques lies at the cutting edge of thought in the field of psychology. This holistic perspective on human development addresses the whole
range of human experiences, at personal and transpersonal levels.

Psychosynthesis practitioners, through guided processes and explorations, aims to integrate, or “synthesize”, the life experiences of their clients.
Modalities used in a psychosynthesis session may include guided imagery, Gestalt therapeutic techniques, journaling, painting and drawing, music and sound therapy, working with dreams and/or symbols, breath, movement and touch,
meditation and contemplation.

Susan F. Glassmeyer, L.M.T. and Peg Hofling, L.M.T. bring a psychosynthesis perspective to their somatic practices. Susan is certified in Bio-Psychosynthesis and has done post graduate training and
teaching in this field. She offers both individual sessions as well as workshops and has done extended teaching programs in psychosynthesis for women. See </span>” for further information. 

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