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Dr. Chio Ugochukwu

A lot of people like the idea of living healthier lives and readily start exercising but then quickly find themselves unable to continue. The reasons for doing this are legion. Some people cite lack of time, others get bored with their exercise routine and others get frustrated with their apparent lack of progress. These are all patterns of failure in your exercise regimen or plan.

One way to modify or change this pattern is to remind yourself of the benefits of daily exercise and regular daily activity. One of the main explanations why people are being active it is because they wish to lose weight. If you have some extra pounds, exercising will help you shed them. But even if you don’t have excess fat, exercising can help you maintain your body weight. Make this a motivation that will help you.

Exercising may also put you in a great mood. Weird because as it seems but it is true! Some studies have shown that exercising helps produce or increase your endorphins, also called as your happy hormones. If you want to place yourself in a good mood, try exercising. You do not have to go the gym and do bench press ups to be in a good mood.

And lastly, exercise strengthens your defense mechanisms. It’s not enough that you simply eat healthy foods you have to find ways to fit exercise into your daily routine. I know a parent who regularly drops off his child at school one block from school then walks his child to school every day. He says since he started doing this, he has discovered that his frequency of common colds has been reduced considerably.

How do you prevent yourself from getting bored with your exercise routine? One way to do this is form groups with whom you exercise weekly at different locations. With each person being responsible for reminding his own group members per week about time and location for your walks .One simple way of doing this is to go to different parks in your city and go for walks with your group. This will not only help you keep yourself from getting bored, but having exercise partners will also help you keep your exercise experience safe.

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