It is a Miracle That He Exceeded all Forecasts of the Doctors ? an Incredible Story of a Boy, Living with a Serious Illness – Healthy Wealthy Food

Most born children with such deformation, do not live more than a few days.

Little Jaxon is a real wonder by experiencing the first birthday.

The first success of the child from Florida is that he managed to experience the birthday with this illness. Little Jaxon suffers from an extreme and incurable brain deformation called micro hydranencephaly because his brain is small, and the head is significantly smaller than other babies.

Most children with such deformation live a few days, and in that sense, Jaxon Strong is a real medical miracle because he managed to experience a year.

His mother Brittany quit work in order to care for her beloved child and founded the site ‘crowdfunding’ in order to raise funds to pay medical bills.

Brandon and Brittany’s parents said their Jaxon already proved how strong, smart and special he is, because it made things that doctors doubted that it could do and show progress every day, and recently scored a wonder celebrating his first birthday.

The family has so far managed to raise about $ 55,000 of the planned 70,000 thousand and encourage people to support them in achieving their dreams, that is Jaxon to experience his second birthday.

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