The Best Workout Supplements For A Beautiful Body

There are those who complain that international airports are becoming increasingly like luxury shopping malls. Who really needs to buy a $500 Gucci scarf before they get on a 14-hour plane journey? Opportunities to make consumers part with their money are becoming closely aligned with various industries, whether there’s a direct connection or not. We might find it hard to spot an obvious link between air travel and expensive designer goods (particularly since most of us will be in coach), but you can certainly see the link between working out at your gym and all the exercise supplement products that most gyms now stock behind the counter.

What are some of the best supplements that will help you achieve your goals?

Before You Consider Supplements

Certainly, a healthy balanced diet is almost mandatory, since your body will be calling on its reserves a lot more if you exercise regularly. Avoid empty calories found in many excessively sugary foods and drinks, and take some inspiration from the healthy food pyramid that many of us might remember from health class. Eat a lot of nuts, whole grains, leafy green vegetables and lean meats. Eating a regular amount of fruit will also help to keep your blood sugar up in a natural way. But still, exercise supplements can also be greatly beneficial, depending on what type of body you want to achieve. Remember that exercise supplements are different to meal replacements, where a shake or bar is eaten in place of a meal.

Pre Workout Supplements

It’s always important to check the ingredient list of anything you put in your body, and exercise supplements are no different. Avoid pre-workout supplements that contain high levels of caffeine, as the long-term usage of these supplements can be dangerous. Overdosing on a heavily caffeinated supplement can lead to a feeling much like recreational drug use, with the subsequent loss of focus- not something that you want while you’re handling heavy exercise equipment. While a certain amount of stimulant is great in a pre-workout supplement, go for a brand that contains naturally occurring stimulants in a healthy dosage- Applied Nutriceuticals has a great range.

Intra Workout Supplements

An intra workout supplement is simply the clinical name given to any kind of supplement that you take while actually working out, or between sets. It could be argued that those who have listened to Gatorades advertising promises of replacing lost electrolytes, and so gulp it down while on the treadmill are also taking an intra workout supplement. Ideally, an intra workout supplement will increase endurance while decreasing recovery time by feeding certain compounds to your muscles while they’re actually being exercised. Look for a supplement high in Creatine and Amino Acids. Most of these products are in powder form, and you dissolve it in water to drink during your workout.

Post Workout Supplements

When it comes to what you should have after a workout, then it’s all about the protein. ” after exercise is any kind of supplement derived from whey (mostly sold as a liquid whey protein), which promotes muscle repair and feeds your muscles post workout, increasing their mass. Most post workout supplements contain a lot of carbohydrates, which your body will crave after exercise. If weight loss is your goal, there are a number of low sugar post work out supplements on the market.

Exercise supplements are a growing market, and their benefits are evident whether you simply want to lose a little weight, or grow your muscles. It’s always a good idea to speak to a professional at the gym or store. They can help you select the best supplements for whatever amazing body you want to achieve.

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