What are the Causes of Cellulite?

One of the main reasons some people develop cellulite is because of obesity and if you feel the cellulite is because of recent weight gain, you need to take steps to lose the excess weight so you can get rid of the cellulite. Start by eating the right foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and healthy snacks such as granola bars. Also, you should exercise often as this reduces the cellulite.


Family History

In some cases, your family history plays a part in whether you are prone to develop cellulite or not. Some people get cellulite because most of their family has problems with the same thing. This does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of the cellulite because with proper diet and exercise, you can eliminate cellulite.


When a woman enters menopause, her hormones undergo different changes and these changes sometimes lead to fluid retention in the body and cellulite. Talk with your doctor about solutions to the menopause-related hormonal problems that increase cellulite development.

Foods That Increase Cellulite

One of the main causes of cellulite is fatty foods and in particular, saturated fats are unhealthy and lead to cellulite problems. If you want to avoid the development of cellulite, you should also stay away from processed food since they contain ingredients that boost weight gain and that lead to cellulite development, get more facts from an unbiased review of Procellix.

Wearing Tight Clothing

Sometimes if you wear very tight clothing on a regular basis and in particular near the thighs and buttocks, you put yourself at risk of developing cellulite. You can reduce your chances of getting cellulite by wearing more loose fitting clothing on a regular basis.

CelluliteMuscle Weakness

Another cause of cellulite is muscle weakness and when the muscles are weak, your outer skin starts to sag and this is why cellulite forms on the body. If you think that this is why you have cellulite, you should talk with your doctor to look into solutions for decreasing the cellulite.

Even Naturally Thin People Get Cellulite

Some thin persons develop cellulite and this is not because of poor health habits. It could be genetics or other factors. If you tried different methods of removing the cellulite as a thin person, you can use cellulite cream or visit the doctor.


Cellulite is not necessarily life threatening but it makes you feel unattractive and you may feel frustrated that you cannot get rid of it. You can exercise and reduce your intake of unhealthy foods but this is not always a guarantee that the cellulite will be removed permanently. Sometimes the aging process is a cause of cellulite and in this situation you will need to accept it as a part of getting older. You can also research different home remedies online for safe ways to curb the cellulite on your body. Be careful about gimmicks that claim to get rid of cellulite within a short period of time because this is probably not true.

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