However,jaw stone crusher industry
though suffered the whole industry shock, but certainly not the basic normal
production, important influence on. “After the earthquake, the Japanese
enterprise supply speed and production cycle are affected, but from a month to
see the situation of China’s relevant enterprises, earthquakes, especially
electro-mechanical enterprises produced joint effects and no previous market
In cement production process, the preferred problems is
limestone broken. Dawn technology after many tests, dhi transformation, the
developed deep cavity jaw crusher, waste oil drainer points
coarse broken and fine broken two, is currently the most widely used crusher,
with big crushing ratio, finished product, the operating cost is low
granularity, simple structure, convenient maintenance. This crusher cavity
equipment for deep, broken longer journeys, benefit, broken material crushing
process once completed, feeding intensity reach 750mm 125mm ~, compressive
strength is not more than 320Mpa materials, compare products, yield
Deep cavity waste oil
drainer broken JiYaXing way bent, motor drive belt move by partiality axis
and pulley to move up and down movement of hubei, when moving hubei rises cubits
board and dynamic between hubei become larger, and promote the Angle to the
hirer dynamic hubei board hubei board close, meanwhile limestone compacts, rub,
grinding multiple broken; When moving downstream of hubei, cubits plate and
move, move between hubei Angle becomes in hubei board under the effect of lever
and spring from the root already broken at hubei board, crushing cavity mouth
from limestone eject, along with motor turns continuously make periodic crushing
maneuvering hubei and discharging, realize limestone batch production.
many tests and improvement, this hydraulic control valve broke
the hammer crusher hammers and feeding forcibly unloaded direct hit pieces of
broken way. In hubei and moving into the limestone set, through extrusion
operating between of hubei, rub, grinding multiple broken, back and forth, and
fine material formed repeatedly after hit by strikes up chunks of material,
forming since state. Dawn deep cavity jaw crusher internal material all adopt
the impact resistance, wear-resistant materials, so stones on compacts formed on
impact process back up state, the material blocks, reduce collisions between
plate hammer and feeding directly and reduce the collision block energy
In the design and manufacture large jaw crusher, dawn in dhi
technology has the leading domestic level. As one of the fist product, fuel transfer pump is mainly
used in the first a broken broken line process, both can be used alone, also can
and other crushing products use. This series of deep cavity jaw crusher linfen
in shandong province seven pieces of installation and use the cement production
line, and the economic benefit is very obvious. Especially cement production
line, put the market for limestone broken by cement users use soon after favour
and praise

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