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Here is a question from Nicky, a member of the Association of Aspiring Authors.

Dear Jess,

I’m almost done wriitng my book. Do you think it is better to sell the book at a low price, so that many people will purchase it… or a higher price book, so that I’ll earn more money?

I’m kind of confused by people who sell their book at a low price, and then attempt to “upsell” to higher price products (seminars, cds, info products). Do you think that is a good strategy?

I’ve written a book about reversing Attention Deficit Disorder using light and sound technology. The book will be sold with the “light and sound” device that costs $350. However, I’m not sure if I should sell the book for around $24.95– or turn it into a set of cds, and sell it for 00 or more.

So far, my mailing list is around 5000 people. Do you have any ideas about the best way to go– book or info product (cds)?

Last year, I sold $20K worth of cds on the internet. It is really tough deciding which is the best way to proceed, to take my busness to the next level.

Thanks in advance for any advice that you might give me.

All the best,

Nicky VanValkenburgh
Director, 20 Minutes To Less Stress, LLC.


My advice is to sell your book at the lowest price possible.  The reason why people sell products at a low price and then try to upsell, is to build their subscriber list, and to teach people how to buy from them.  A new person visiting your site is more likely to first buy a lower priced item. 

Then you get them into your marketing funnel, and offer to upsell them to the CD version of the book.  And then the higher priced product.  There is nothing wrong with this form of marketing.  The customers that are truly interested in your different upsell products, like CD’s, and the Light and Sound Device, will be happy to have that option…I know I would.

You are definitely on the right track.  Get rid of the idea that you have to sell either the book or the book on CD.  You should sell your book in many formats.  Book, eBook, CD, Workbook, DVD, Video and tele-conferences.  Then offer your personal service to anyone who wants more help.

People have different preferences when it comes to learning.  Some want to read (book), some want to hear(CD) and some want to be lead by the hand (personal coaching and live seminars), and a few of your customers will want them all (hyper-responders).  I think you should offer as many choices as possible.  The customers who want just the book will not be offended if you give them another choice, and the customers who want the other choices will turn into loyal customers.

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