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03/01/2006 04:45 AM
Upsurge in diabetes-related deaths in New York City (News-Medical-Net)
Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have documented a dramatic upsurge in diabetes-related deaths and illnesses in New York City – including a sharp increase in diabetic patients hospitalized with heart attacks.

03/01/2006 12:41 AM
VA Targets Diabetes, Weight Loss (RedNova)
By The Associated Press WASHINGTON – Aging veterans are getting reinforcements in their fight against the twin threats of obesity and diabetes.

02/28/2006 06:28 PM
Diabetes Care Collaborative Grantees Announced (Newswise)
Through the American Medical Group Association Department of Quality Management and Research and AMGA’s Foundation, the association is providing grants for quality improvement initiatives focusing on improving the quality of care for patients with diabetes.

02/28/2006 08:14 PM
Diabetes danger increasing, study finds (WIS-TV Columbia)
(National-NBC) February 28, 2006 – Researchers warn an increase in diabetes could increase the number of heart attacks in this country.

02/28/2006 02:04 PM
Sanofi-Aventis Sets Diabetes Med Print Campaign (BrandWeek)
NEW YORK — Sanofi-Aventis will break in March a new campaign for Lantus, a once-a-day insulin injection that fights diabetes symptoms for 24 hours. The move heralds a notching-up of competitive aggressiveness in the $2.7 billion category.

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