Why are americans more obese than japanese?

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Dr. Grace’s analysis – why Japanese live longer? Why Japanese are not obese? Why Japanese look younger?

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(Please note that the USA is not the highest obesity nation in the world; but these figures represent only those nations reporting through the OECD.) USA 31% Mexico 24% UK 23% Canada 14% Germany 13% Denmark 10% France 9% Italy … Continue reading

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Why is the Japanese life span the longest in the World? Part II

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Japan – The Nation of Volcanoes   There are many volcanoes in Japan – they come in all sizes and shapes –  small, medium and large, active, inactive and dead ones …many of them.  Due to the volcanic topography, there … Continue reading

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Why is the Japanese life span the longest in the world? Part I

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According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), the world’s average life span is 68 years; 66 years for men and 70 years for women.  Japan was once again crowned as the nation with the world’s longest life span with … Continue reading

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