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U.S. Car Rental to Canada?

I am a Canadian graduate student studying in the United States. I’ll be right and postgraduate moving to Canada in the future. I have something to move (3 bags and 2 boxes). I do not know of a cheaper option to spend more to rent a car. Is it possible to rent a car in New York / New Jersey and back to Toronto? Can you suggest an economical solution differently?

It may be difficult to find a rental company that allows you to do, unless they occur have a car with Canadian license plates. Canadian Customs regulations prohibit a resident of Canada to enter Canada with a vehicle registered United States. Tenants who have a Canadian driver’s license and license plates U.S. not allowed to cross Canada border. Canadian residents preparing to cross the border must have a car with Canadian license plates. If you need to drive to Canada, the company car hire asked to leave their location near the Canadian border and sharing of your car, you have the proper license plates. Sure that to check prices and availability of a rental car, call them directly. You may choose a local supplier you wish to hire, call and ask to speak with the head of department to see if they can help with car hire for your particular situation. Hope this helps and good luck!

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