2010 february | jennifer’s inner awakenings!

A wonderful Wayne Dyer video!

This post is something that I just wrote from the heart…it captures a day that I saw beauty in nature, acceptance in pain as well as a time when I gave myself permission to be where I was at. It is okay to be you, no matter what that ‘you’ looks like at the moment, and hopefully my heart speaks to yours.

The shift lends to the search for enlightenment because more people are starting to see things differently and consider things in life that hadn’t occurred to them before…In your own search, you will likely be asking profound and perplexing quesitons that you now strive to find answers to. You may seek out…

Louise Hay, author of one of my absolute favorite books, “You Can Heal Your Life” has inspired so many people. I am posting a video that is in two parts for you to watch. She has such a powerful, gentle and loving way about her…enjoy!

Many people struggle to not only find meaning in their lives, but to also understand and embrace their true calling, their purpose. “Am I meant to do something specific? How do I find out?”

Finding answers to these types of questions is one reason why people meditate and pray, hoping to connect to whatever is out there that is greater because deep down, everyone has a part of them that knows their truth. Most people refer to this part of themselves as their Soul. Whatever you call it, it is there. It may sit, quietly observing your experiences and…

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