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My husband has decided after eight years that he doesn’t want to be married anymore.  There is evidence that he has not been faithful but I have no hard proof.  I want to try to make this work but it’s going to be difficult without him wanting the same thing.  He is not interested in counseling.  What should I do?


Call someone for a counseling appointment today!  You need solid Christian-biblical counseling for yourself, your marriage, and your family.  If your husband is not interested, do it for yourself.  Your spiritual, emotional, and physical health are, in the final analysis, your personal stewardship responsibility.  Your husband has verbally expressed his heart to abandon his God-given stewardship responsibility for you, your marriage, and your family.

You (and too many other sisters caught in similar situations) need to prayerfully seek biblical answers for yourself to several critical questions, including, but not limited to the following questions.  If I am unequally yoked in marriage, either to an unbeliever or a rebellious believer, how am I to exercise “biblical stewardship living” on a daily basis?  How long, and under what circumstances, should I suffer the tribulation of an unbelieving or rebellious husband who has abandoned me?

An unsettling observation in this society is that many abusive men will marry Christian women because they feel they can abuse them for longer periods of time.  Many Christian women suffer under “biblical illusions” that they are to hang in there, suffering long and much, in order to “make the marriage work.”  It is not your job to make it work.  While you will be held accountable for your attitudes and behavior in marriage; the responsibility for your marriage lies biblically with your husband, as servant-leader and bishop of your home.  LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAYSO!


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