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Sacroiliitis: a “funny” disease

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admin 4 December, 2009

Despite the fact that my disease is quite serious it is also funny. Every time I go to a doctor and talk about my backside pain there are smiles or even jokes about it. I call them the “sit on it” jokes. I’m not angry about that because I know it may be funny for other people. Last time I had an appointment with a specialist Uro-Gyno. She was a great doctor but every time I mentioned my backside she smiled. And she couldn’t stop or control this. She apologized to me and I knew she felt very stupid about that but she just couldn’t stop. I told her not to worry. I got used to such reaction because my pain has lasted for the last 23 years. During that time I’ve visited many doctors with the same reactions. “That’s just one of those things our society laughs at” I added.
I know perfectly well that there is no point in getting angry about all these wisecracks. It is quite natural that people react like that when I mention my problems. It’s not the jokes that make my life miserable. It’s the pain. I have a feeling that it controls my whole life. Every trip has to be carefully planned. Otherwise I may not make it. I have to think about every single detail, the traffic is different every day. I’m always afraid that something bad is going to happen with our car. It’s really irritating for my husband when I ask him “Are you sure there isn’t something wrong with the tires? They’re riding so roughly today, don’t you think?” for a tenth time during one trip. I’m lucky because he is so patient and he always calms me down and ensures me that there is nothing wrong with the tires and that the car is ok.
My health condition has changed lately a little. The pain was more intense since the day I was forced to travel in airplane in July. I’m better now because of the physical therapy and the exercises I do every day at home. Don Tigny exercises really help. I feel much better after doing them. Apart from the Don Tigny I do some other exercises. They are also very helpful however can be more complicated and hard to perform. One new exercise requires a rubber ball. The ball has to be a volleyball size. I bought the same one for my grandchildren. You have to place the ball between your knees and squeeze the ball simultaneously with pushing your SI joints down. In order to be sure that you are doing the exercise appropriately and are pushing the joints down not up you can place your hands under the SI joints. Another complicated exercise is sitting on a big, 55 cm ball (which costs only 5) and lifting alternate arms and legs. This one can be too hard for some of you but don’t get discouraged.  The last helpful exercise is sitting on this big exercise ball and lifting one leg at a time. If you have no one to help you with the ball you can put it in the corner. It won’t roll off.
Although all these exercises are very tiring I know I have to keep doing them. Of course it would be much easier and convenient to take some new drugs for the pain. Unfortunately there is no such a thing. I can’t count on anyone else but me. That’s why I have to do whatever I can to control my body. Doing these exercises gives me that control. I just have to keep my SI joints in alignment. Maybe it sound silly, but it’s like with a car. A driver has to take care of a car, has to keep the tires aligned. I have to do the same with my joints. Maybe it’s not the best comparison but I can’t find a better one. I can’t take more meds to reduce the pain. I already take a lot of them: heart pills, anti inflammation drugs, painkillers. I know perfectly well that all of them have many side effects. That’s why I decided to do these exercises. They can’t make any harm to me and I believe that they can help. If you have the same health problems you should really try doing them.

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