Medical Tattooing And It's Applications For Patients

The applications of medical tattooing are wide ranging. Tattoos may be applied to show warning signs of an allergic reaction in a patient. Those prone to attacks in which they may be unable to communicate their condition upon receiving medical attention may have a medical tattoo applied to inform people of such a condition. This can be lifesaving as it may be that a patient is unsuited to certain forms of treatment that may exacerbate their condition. Many people choose to wear alert bracelets, however these may break and a tattoo offers a permanent solution.

Scarring is an outcome of many surgical procedures, but can also occur through accident or injury. A tattoo can be applied to help camouflage scars. This rejuvenates scar tissue and stimulates the body’s repair mechanism. A healed scar has pigments that can be used to match the scar to the surrounding skin. With a dry needling technique called MCA, it is possible to relax the scar and cause it repigment naturally. Options vary depending on the positioning and type of scar, but it is a practical option to many patients wishing to cover a scar.

Patients undergoing mastectomies can benefit from medical tattooing. In the treatment of breast cancer or breast reduction surgery, where reconstruction is necessary, a tattoo can be applied with the aim of making the area look as it did prior to surgery. Areola and nipple restoration give the impression of a real nipple as well as covering up scars – which is crucial to help return a patient to the sense of normality they experienced before surgery. It is also a more practical alternative to a prosthetic nipple which may be cumbersome.

Many people get tattoos as a form of body art. Some people do have regrets and removal is an option. Medical tattooing can help with tattoo removal by gentle implantation of a removal solution into a tattoo site. This is generally less painful than laser treatments available and is an effective alternative for those wishing to have their body art removed.

Cosmetic tattooing provides a number of treatments, such as semi-permanent make-up that does not wash away or smudge. Eyebrow treatments can provide a realistic solution to sparse or over plucked brows as well as defining shape and colour. Eyeliner treatments may be applied to provide a soft line on the top, bottom or both sets of lashes to enhance eye colour. There are also lip-liner treatments that achieve a similar effect.

The applications of medical tattooing are clearly extensive. Contact a qualified technician and they will provide first class procedures for whatever treatment you may require.

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