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Mount Sinai – Division of Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. ” leads a molecular research group that is focused on disease gene discovery using positional cloning/candidacy techniques and characterization of the biological roles of such genes in disease pathogenesis. The focus of the laboratory currently is on those traits that are associated with heart malformations. In the past few years, the lab has identified disease genes for Char and Noonan syndromes. The former is TFAP2B, which encodes a transcription factor of the AP-2 family, and the latter is PTPN11, which include the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2. They are studying the roles of these disease genes in normal developmental and homeostatic processes as well as in disease pathogenesis. They are actively studying additional human genetic traits, both simple and complex, to identify additional disease genes with a particular focus on traits with cardiovascular abnormalities. After recruiting families of adequate size inheriting disorders, the research group undertakes genome-wide scans with polymorphic DNA markers to identify genetic loci through linkage analysis, and then identify disease genes from among known or predicted genes residing in disease loci. The latter relies heavily on bioinformatics, including several software packages that predict genes and protein function. Ongoing biologic studies include site-directed mutagenesis, expression of wild type and mutant proteins in vitro and in eukaryotic cell culture, immunolocalization of proteins, creation of transgenic mice, and phenotyping of mouse models. Through collaborative efforts, they are also studying disease genes in other model organisms such as Drosophila melanogaster and Xenopus laevis. This work is funded through awards from the NIH and the March of Dimes.

The Division has acquired new technology and recruited new faculty to explore
emerging non-invasive technologies in the functional and/or morphological assessment
of pediatric and congenital heart disease (CHD). Recently completed studies
include one on the use of telemedicine in fetal echocardiography and another
on our 10-year experience with diagnosing occult coronary artery anomalies.
Currently, new Doppler and related echocardiographic techniques are being investigated
for the assessment of diastolic function. A state of the art GE ultrasound
imager was acquired in 2003, in part because it is at the leading edge for
technologies such as Tissue Doppler Imaging.

In our pediatric noninvasive laboratory,
Drs. Wyman
, “, “, and ” have collaborated in comparing
cardiac MRI and Doppler Tissue Imaging in the assessment of right ventricular
function in patients postoperative for CHD repairs. Dr. Nielsen, recruited
to develop congenital cardiac MRI at Mount Sinai has spearheaded research
investigating the ability of MRI to evaluate RV function. His recent work details
methods to separately evaluate the function of the sinus and infundibular portions
of the RV in patients after tetralogy of Fallot repair.

Drs. Gelb and Lai are participating in a large NIH-funded SCCOR grant/translational
research project headed by Dr. Woodrow Benson at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
The goal is to define the genetic basis for congenital heart defects, with
echocardiography being used to describe the phenotypes. Mount Sinai’s Pediatric
Echocardiography Laboratory is one of two core echocardiography laboratories
and the goal for our group will be to recruit patients with specific lesions
that are defined echocardiographically and thought to have a strong genetic
predisposition. We will request DNA from these patients and their family members,
and the DNA will be sent for genetic investigation to Dr. Gelb’s and similar
laboratories as well as being banked for future investigations.

Another area of clinical research the Division has targeted involves the development
of novel invasive catheterization technologies in the treatment of Pediatric
and Adult Patients with congenital or acquired heart disease, including Dr.
Director of the Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, is exploring
the roles of intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) and a radiofrequency perforation
device. He has collaborated with the Division of Cardiology of the Samuel Bronfman
Department of Medicine in the use of radiofrequency catheter transseptal perforation
and intracardiac echocardiographyto aid in the transcatheter treatment of mitral
stenosis. Dr. Love is also the institutional principal investigator for a multi-institutional
trial of device closure of patent formamen ovale in adult with occult thromboembolic

Skin Lightening With Natural Beauty Products

Skin lightening involves the modifying or lessening of skin pigmentation by anticipating the preparation of Melanin which is answerable for skin pigmentation, this could be to redress irregularities, for example spots, spot and different stains from pimple inflamation, blazes and laser medicine. Skin lightening can likewise be with the end goal of magnificence upgrade and this has been an issue encompassed with so much discussion. In to the extent that this article is not about the debates included, it is critical to note here that much the same as tanning if done the right way skin lightening can donate impressively to ones self regard and constantly delightfulness improvement. Delightfulness after all runs deeper than the skin.

One technique for skin lightening is by laser help, this practise however has been interested in misuse and prepared nonessential specialists have griped about the expanding number of delightfulness salons who apply this medicine with practically zero preparing and controls set up, accordingly jeopardizing the lives of their clients or at all making more skin issues for them. An additional setback of this technique is the expense; the utilization of laser to rectify skin flaws and scars is extremely unreasonable. Skin lightening can additionally be accomplished by the utilization of restorative items a hefty portion of which hold hydroquinone and mercury based chemicals.

Hydroquinone however recognized exceptionally successful and competitive is accepted to be exceptionally dangerous. It has been interfaced to hurtful symptoms, for example Leukaemia in creatures. Despite the fact that it has not yet been affirmed to reason growth in homo sapiens, provision of hydroquinone can cause skin botherings, for example rashes. The inquiry accordingly comes up right worth the danger? Unmistakably not for me, particularly when one acknowledges that the utilization of hydroquinone has been banned in some nations. Mercury then again is dangerous and its provision to the skin can bring about harming with fatal outcomes. Skin lightening does not must be an excessive or dangerous wander and nature has presented us with more than enough functional tree grown foods, plants and herbs.

For example, tree grown foods like papaya (paw-paw), lemon, lime and orange which all hold Vitamin C have skin lightening impacts notwithstanding other wholesome qualities when depleted or connected to the skin. So they serve to improve excellence and solid living from back to front and there are no hurtful symptoms. Different cases incorporate; the kojic harsh corrosive ester concentrated from Japanese mushrooms and concentrates of Asafoetida a South Asian home grown plant. The record goes onto incorporate arbutin which might be concentrated from numerous sorts of berries and pears; separates from milk and sugar trims like sugar stick and pine fruits regarded as Alpha hydroxy acids. In nature we find safe, viable and competitive method of skin lightening keeping in mind this is not an item survey it will just be able to specify one or two tried and tried regular magnificence items.

Optima Meds – Make buying prescription medication online safe and easy.

Welcome to Optima Meds. We the premier source for providing essential health care products and FDA approved prescription medication at substantially discounted prices. We strongly believe that every American should have access to affordable medication. Our pharmacy not only includes a complete line of wholesale priced pharmaceuticals, we also offer a wide selection of top quality vitamins, essential health supplements, all natural herbal remedies, and discount pet medications. With such a large inventory of products, we’re not just an ordinary pharmacy, but an online “pharmacy supermall”, offering the lowest prices available. Join the growing number of savvy online shoppers who are now using Optima Meds as their one stop shop for all their health care needs. Shop with us and start saving today!

It is a Miracle That He Exceeded all Forecasts of the Doctors ? an Incredible Story of a Boy, Living with a Serious Illness – Healthy Wealthy Food

Most born children with such deformation, do not live more than a few days.

Little Jaxon is a real wonder by experiencing the first birthday.

The first success of the child from Florida is that he managed to experience the birthday with this illness. Little Jaxon suffers from an extreme and incurable brain deformation called micro hydranencephaly because his brain is small, and the head is significantly smaller than other babies.

Most children with such deformation live a few days, and in that sense, Jaxon Strong is a real medical miracle because he managed to experience a year.

His mother Brittany quit work in order to care for her beloved child and founded the site ‘crowdfunding’ in order to raise funds to pay medical bills.

Brandon and Brittany’s parents said their Jaxon already proved how strong, smart and special he is, because it made things that doctors doubted that it could do and show progress every day, and recently scored a wonder celebrating his first birthday.

The family has so far managed to raise about $ 55,000 of the planned 70,000 thousand and encourage people to support them in achieving their dreams, that is Jaxon to experience his second birthday.

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Deep Illumination > Bilder

Deep Illumination > Bilder


if I could only reach your thoughts
but you wouldn’t let me
feelings of freedom that defeated love
you just wouldn’t let me
Feeling so small so helpless so weak
I never did before
seemed like yesterday when we reached our peak
can’t get it anymore
Tired of fighting
Tired of giving
sick of pretending
but it’s never ending
useless struggles
senseless conflicts
can’t take it anymore
there’s nothing left to fight for
still we go on destroying ourselves
by useless ignoring
and still we go on to lie to ourselves
that’s so damn annoying
feelings develop that I can’t suppress
hate suffering this pain
feelings that just make of it a mess
I’m going insane
sick of fighting
sick of giving
sick of lying
sick of living
sick of my faults
sick of myself
sick of my thoughts
there’s nothing left to fight for.

Strengthened Muscles through Revolution Cycle

In today’s hurly-burly life, getting some time for gym either as a house wife, a student or at work is quite tough. There are days when, one get enough time for some fitness work, but in other days it becomes really difficult to manage schedule.

You might have come across many fitness products. This ” is one of those. And yes, it is just marvelous.

This product comes with remarkable features at an affordable cost. There are no formal training required by some fitness specialist at all. If one has never went to gym. It can be a part of your home or workplace, wherever is suitable to you. So it’s up to you, when to use it. It could be early in the morning, during lunch break at office, or in the evening time, when you are free from house hold work.

This Marcy club Revolution Cycle is right choice for every fitness conscious person. Men or women both can take its advantages. Its seat is both horizontally and vertically adjustable, so anyone having any height can use it in a convenient way.

This spinning bike offers some really unique, outstanding features for range of individual needs at various fitness levels. Fitness experts says if body get addicted to same workout routine for longer periods of time , then it loses its effectiveness. So it offers workout at different terrain types .Therefore body will not get in use to same workout routine and burn more calories with more time spending on Marcy club Revolution Cycle.

Benefits of Marcy club Revolution Cycle

It helps in burning fats by involving the whole body. Therefore it is quite beneficial in weight loss plan. The good thing is, it is easily portable and can be placed in any corner of your home or workplace. Its affordability is not only in terms of time, but also in monetary terms. Now you don’t need to spend extra gym charges from your salary or pocket money, buy it and save your time and money.

Marcy club Revolution Cycle is categorized under “workouts specialist” machines. It is an indoor equipment to fit into your needs of losing fats and building muscles. Regular usage will give you these benefits and your body will be more toned and firm than ever.

Cycling involves muscles of your both upper and lower body. It burns fats at high rate. Other notable effects are amplified blood flow and improved heart and lungs functioning. If you choose to remain fit and spare some of your time from daily routine. At the end it will make you a fit person not just apparently but will also increases increase overall strength and fitness.

Product features

  1. Light weight
  2. Handle bars and seat is comfortable
  3. Provides supports to forearms
  4. Adjustable parts for different body types accommodation
  5. Smooth & consistent spinning operation

Adult Nutritionals – Re/Neph LP/HC

Adult Nutritionals – Re/Neph LP/HC

Re/NephВ® LP/HC
Renal Supplement
Re/NephВ® LP/HC

Re/Neph LP/HC (Low Protein/High Calorie) is a delicious snack beverage designed for potassium-, phosphorus- and fluid-restricted diets. It is recommended for people with renal disease (not on dialysis) to help supplement their dietary needs. Re/Neph LP/HC is high in calories and low in lactose. Each 4-fl-oz serving contains 250 Calories, 2.5 g of protein, 40 g of carbohydrate, 10 g of fat, 3 mg of potassium, and 7 mg of phosphorus. Shipped frozen and available in vanilla and strawberry flavors.

Use under medical supervision.

” |
” |

” |
” |

Copyright 1999, 2001 Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, Illinois, U.S.A.
All Rights Reserved.
Legal Notices.

What’s Best Moisturizer To Use With Retin A? | Natural Health & DIY

I’ve tried nearly every recommended moisturizer to use with Retin a or it’s Micro counterpart. I’ve run into issues with many of them, so I hope I can help you avoid the same mistakes that I’ve made. I don’t know if this has any merit, or science behind it, but I’ve found that using moisturizers with little or no water provides the best results. My assumption to why this is the case is that with retin a, you must wait 30 minutes to an hours after washing your face to apply it. This is because applying retin a on a wet face causes more adverse reactions than on a completely dry face. I assume that its not a good idea to wash your face, let it dry 30-60 mins, apply retin a and then applying water on top. What would be the point of letting your face dry completely, and them immediately adding a water based moisturizer on top?

With that being said, adding a moisturizer on top of retin a can significantly decrease the side effects. The biggest side effects of retin a are dryness, peeling, and irritation. So of course, moisturizer helps combat these reactions.

I have found that both Cerave cream, and jojoba oil are the best moisturizers to use when using retin a. Jojoba oil has no water, since it is pure oil. This oil also is molecularly similar to the oil your face naturally produces, so how could you go wrong? Cerave cream does have some water in it, but it is low on the ingredients list unlike many other lotions. Cerave also contains ceramides that help restore the skins natural barrier. One of the best things about this cream is that its thick, heavy, yet non comedogenic and non irritating which is crucial for skin treated with retin a.

If you are using retin a, I highly, highly suggest using cerave in combination with it!

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Web Hosting – Useful Tips To Begin

It’s probably that you’ve heard about web hosting, but you may have no idea what that actually signifies. Website hosting is just providing others a web server for developing their particular website. If you find yourself curious about just how website hosting will help you, then browse the subsequent report for more information.

Web Hosting ServiceThe type and variety of features supplied can vary greatly between hosts, which could ” from one host to a different one. When comparing hosting firms, assure you’re examining the level of companies that also contains the specific attribute you want.

When considering a web number, pick a firm that is out there exactly where your current target market is found. As an illustration, should your targeted prospective customers consists of individuals who stay in Europe, it really is inside your best interest to select a company that works a facts centre from inside the nation’s borders.

Totally free online hosting companies can be purchased if you are planning to help save a lot of money. This internet hosting usually signifies advertisements will probably be on the website, and you will look for a restricted amount of space to hold your internet site. If you would like create a skilled-searching site, avoid totally free hosting companies.

Make sure you choose an internet variety support which offers sufficient space to your website to grow. A single web site composed of ” might not exactly consume too much place, but including video training and pictures swiftly leads to that you be in need for a lot more place.

Don’t select a website hosting aid just for of which free of charge part. Totally free hosting generally involves displaying promoting on your internet site. You may have zero control over typically the ads will probably be exhibited.

Will never select a hosting company dependent only on selling price alone. Make sure you currently require plus selections. There are several facts to consider, therefore don’t simply accept one specific variety due to its value.

Prior to getting an internet hosting program, explore the host’s internet site. An amazing site needs to be loaded with property around the several things that it is advisable to figure out how to use for enhance your internet site. Find out if you will the capacity to view much more alternatives and training once you turn into their client.

This gives you evaluate some sort of host’s tech support team and help. If these photos might be lost and faked, the vast majority of internet sites that monitor these accolades received these people through a voting process, the one which essential it is site visitors to be able to vote. Offers with lots of gifts voted intended for by folks are versions you must go with.

A few web hosting solutions provide you with a pay for the period of time your internet site will be down. You need to select website hosting option which offers dependable solutions around reimbursements for recovery time.

Take a look at web hosting organizations.

Discover the level of world wide web server obtain a web internet hosting service organization. Some give a helpful web-page coding-based method or cpanel, while others make use of a basic ui you could accessibility through an on the net graphical user interface. The simpler Html code ui is ideal for less challenging websites, consequently make certain you happen to be equipped for any complexness of your respective control panel.

With any luck,, you now have an increased idea of exactly how diverse website hosting characteristics can affect in addition to benefit your site. ” and talk about the data on this web page while buying your new website hosting company, and you are sure to have the the one that matches your needs and price structure.